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Managed service account for a scheduled task as simple as possible

This will show you how to install a managed service account on a domain joined computer to run a scheduled task. It will not explain how this technology works and will be limited to one computer (further information). There are… Continue Reading →

Alert yourself, if your System is running out of space

You all know how it feels to run out of space 😉 Well it is not very fun and also not very zen…But installing a heavily oversized monitoring solution for every little test server is also not the zen way…. Continue Reading →

Simple PowerShell Active Directory group monitoring.

This post is about a simple solution to monitor active directory group changes using PowerShell. Please note, this is not the best practice and will only give you insight about a new member or if a member was removed from… Continue Reading →

The zen art of a fancy PowerShell terminal.

Sometimes your eyes need something to look at and relax while starting up PowerShell. Add the following code to the path in the $Profile variable and enjoy your Unicorn. Yes, this may be a rather useless thing to do. But… Continue Reading →

Get-ADUser properties without the Active Directory Module

I stumbled over this topic while creating a script on client PCs. The script was relying on information stored in the active directory and was running in the logged in users context. Due to limitations on the client machine, I… Continue Reading →

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