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Local Administrator Password Solution – LAPS the basics

LAPS allows you to rotate passwords of your local administrator accounts. It gives you the possibility to view and set admin passwords from commandline or by using the fat client on a management computer. This reduces the risk of one… Continue Reading →

Managing Temporary Group Memberships using the new GroupMemberTTL PowerShell Module

As you may know the Microsoft approach on Privileged Access Management Feature (PAM) is quite a big feature. Planning and implementing this solution takes a lot of time. Also, many of us just want to enjoy one small part of… Continue Reading →

Setting up Active Directory on Windows Server 2019 Core and join DCs and Members to the Domain

The Windows Server 2019 Core installation of a domain controller will be something you might need in the future. This is the bare minimum you need to install a Domain Controller and a new domain. I tried to make it… Continue Reading →

Managed service account for a scheduled task as simple as possible

This will show you how to install a managed service account on a domain joined computer to run a scheduled task. It will not explain how this technology works and will be limited to one computer (further information). There are… Continue Reading →

Simple PowerShell Active Directory group monitoring.

This post is about a simple solution to monitor active directory group changes using PowerShell. Please note, this is not the best practice and will only give you insight about a new member or if a member was removed from… Continue Reading →

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