I want to show you how easy it is to create a small workflow with Microsoft Power Apps, this can be very practical for several reasons.

We want to create a form where the user can choose when he wants to migrate his computer, also he should say in which office he is sitting at that moment. The information should then be displayed as a task in my Outlook.

Create a form

For this we go to Microsoft Forms and create the form with the two simple questions:

  1. We need the office number
  2. We need his preferred migration date, which must be in date format

Then you can close the form 😉 That was all we had to ask the user.

Creating the flow

We start Microsoft Power Apps and click on Flow in the left side menu. Then click on Create and select without template.

You can give the Flow a Name and the skip.

Next, we look for “Forms” in the top bar and select the option “Forms when sending a new reply”. In the drop-down menu we select the previously created form, in this case User Migration.

Then we have to take a very important step, add a step for other forms, but now we need to “get answer details” We have chosen again the form we created. As Reply ID we have chosen Reply ID. We need this so we can work with the given answers later.

Unfortunately, we cannot directly use the date that the user has entered in the form. We have to make a small detour. For this we need the task Initialize Variable.

  • Name
    • Use the variable date
  • Typ
    • String
  • Value
    • Use the preferred migration date from the forms before

The next step is to select an Outlook option, more precisely “Create Task V2”. Now this form is a bit bigger, but not more complex 😉 We go through the single fields. The Option Fields are displayed when you click on the Specific Field.

  • Subject
    • We add the e-mail address of the resonder and the room he has, from the forms questions
  • Due date
    • Here we use the created variable “date”

If we now execute the form, we get a task directly into the specified list of Outlook tasks.

Under this link you will find more information about flows

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