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Create an application with multiple pages using Microsoft Power Apps

I was shocked the first time I want to create a multipage application with Microsoft Power Apps. It seemed very complicated to me. But if you know how you have to handle this tool you will get really comfortable with it quite fast.

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If we want to use data over multiple screens it’s a little bit tricky, but if you know how to handle it you will get it fast.

To get the structure better I will shortly describe my project. I have created an app that gathers user data. The application has 4 screens and 4 edit forms.

Screen_User_Data / Form_User_Data
Screen_PC_Name / Form_PC_Name
Screen_Smart_Device / Form_Smart_Device
Screen_Other / Form_Other

On the first button you can go on like every time:


On the second screen have to handle it different:


We changed the process, now we save the data to a data store in my case an SQL Server. With every page we update the record, so we have to reference to the created record after the first page. This happens with the command From_User_data.LastSubmit;

So for every comming page we use the code sinpped from above.

Further reading about that topic:

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