This post is mainly to support /e/ OS and Fairphone. Why am I using /e/ OS? Because it is the first OS that convenient and respects your privacy. No other OS I tried accomplished that so far. What about the Fairphone? Exchangeable Battery, iFixIt Score of 10 and it is Opensource, I think that says it all.

Table of contents

My experience with /e/

So far my experience with /e/ is like the normal Android experience you have with a Google account. The only thing annoying is that you need apps like Aurora Store to get the “real” versions of some apps (but only if you do not want to use Google). The built-in Store has not every Android app you might need. But other than that I am pretty happy. Every app works, except for the ones using the newest Google Framework (like the Covid-19 ones). You could use them if you enable your Google account in the MicroG service. In general /e/ OS is very stable and I had no issues in the 6 months I’ve been using it. What I like most, you can still use Google or go full nerd-privacy-mode and throw Google out completely.

My conclusion:

Before /e/ I could not think of privacy without major drawbacks in the user experience. /e/ is clearly able to do that and worth giving it a shot.

Installing /e/

I will not go into detail here, but if you already have your bootloader unlocked it will be a matter of minutes to install /e/. For all the instructions visit the e foundation.

Root on the Fairphone 3

Because it is usually the first thing I search for when I geta new phone, I just added this to the post. Be aware that rooting could brick your phone, only proceed if you know what you are doing.


  • ADB and Fastboot I use minimal ADB and Fastboot (Full ADB / Minimal)
  • Get the latest .img file for TWRP Recovery here.
  • Download Magisk here in case of an outdated link visit this page
  1. Download the latest TWRP for FP3
  2. Download the Magisk zip
  3. Open cmd and cd to your fastboot installation
  4. Test ADB with “adb devices”
    1. Enable Android-Debugging if it does not work.
  5. Boot to the boot loader “adb reboot bootloader”
  6. Boot the recovery “fastboot boot C:\Users\Xiakit\\Download\TWRP.img”
  7. Push your magisk file on to the phone. “Adb push C:\Users\Xiakit\Download\ /sdcard/”
  8. Select install in TWRP, find and install it.
  9. Download the Magisk Manager (the apk) and check if everything works.


On /e/ OS you will recieve updates on a regular basis. The updates are located here System -> Tap the Arrow pointing down -> scroll to the bottom and hit the Updater. After that you need to redo the steps from above.