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Month July 2020

Give a specific user the right to restart a specific service

I often had the situation that a user has to restart a service he needs, and since I don’t want to do that all the time, I found a pretty good solution to give him exactly those rights 😉 Enable… Continue Reading →

Setting up a free virtual machine on Amazon AWS

This post will show you how to set up an Amazon AWS Free Tier virtual machine (EC2) and how to connect to it via putty. There is no need to read 30 minutes just to experiment with a Linux virtual… Continue Reading →

Create an application with multiple pages using Microsoft Power Apps

I was shocked the first time I want to create a multipage application with Microsoft Power Apps. It seemed very complicated to me. But if you know how you have to handle this tool you will get really comfortable with… Continue Reading →

Never tried Windows Sandbox? – This will change your mind

Windows what? Windows Sandbox, a feature that I completely missed. Then I tried it once and loved it immediately. It takes you literally 5 minutes to set up and is really useful in your daily sysadmin tasks. Prerequisites for using… Continue Reading →

Create a Side-to-Side VPN with AZURE and Sophos

In this short article, I want you to show how easy it is to create a VPN between your private network and an AZURE Cloud network. Table of Content Azure Sophos The Short Way Azure First of all, we have… Continue Reading →

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