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Managing Temporary Group Memberships using the new GroupMemberTTL PowerShell Module

As you may know the Microsoft approach on Privileged Access Management Feature (PAM) is quite a big feature. Planning and implementing this solution takes a lot of time. Also, many of us just want to enjoy one small part of… Continue Reading →

VMware CVE-2020-4004 workaround using PowerCLI

This post is about a recent vulnerability published by VMware, allowing hackers to run code on the virtual machines host system. The following PowerCLI functions will help you to set up the workaround faster. Official statement of VMware. Description by… Continue Reading →

Use PowerShell via context menu to remove double entries from your clipboard

This is a small example for handy use of PowerShell. In this post, I will show you how to clean up your clipboard from double entries by using PowerShell. We will also add it to the context menu for easy… Continue Reading →

Give a specific user the right to restart a specific service

I often had the situation that a user has to restart a service he needs, and since I don’t want to do that all the time, I found a pretty good solution to give him exactly those rights 😉 Enable… Continue Reading →

Managed service account for a scheduled task as simple as possible

This will show you how to install a managed service account on a domain joined computer to run a scheduled task. It will not explain how this technology works and will be limited to one computer (further information). There are… Continue Reading →

Simple PowerShell script to send commands to your servers using Telegram

This is a template in order to send messages to your server to run commands or do checks on the server. I use it on a Ubuntu 18.04 server to trigger LXD backups (Sorry Linux Admins, I was too lazy… Continue Reading →

Alert yourself, if your System is running out of space

You all know how it feels to run out of space 😉 Well it is not very fun and also not very zen…But installing a heavily oversized monitoring solution for every little test server is also not the zen way…. Continue Reading →

Simple PowerShell Active Directory group monitoring.

This post is about a simple solution to monitor active directory group changes using PowerShell. Please note, this is not the best practice and will only give you insight about a new member or if a member was removed from… Continue Reading →

How to receive Veeam errors over Telegram

Often when you have installed and configured a system you take a step back and look at the work you did. Everything runs well and looks great. But how do you know if something fails on your newly installed Veeam… Continue Reading →

The zen art of a fancy PowerShell terminal.

Sometimes your eyes need something to look at and relax while starting up PowerShell. Add the following code to the path in the $Profile variable and enjoy your Unicorn. Yes, this may be a rather useless thing to do. But… Continue Reading →

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