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How to create a simple flow with Mircosoft-Automate

I want to show you how easy it is to create a small workflow with Microsoft Power Apps, this can be very practical for several reasons. We want to create a form where the user can choose when he wants… Continue Reading →

Give a specific user the right to restart a specific service

I often had the situation that a user has to restart a service he needs, and since I don’t want to do that all the time, I found a pretty good solution to give him exactly those rights 😉 Enable… Continue Reading →

Create an application with multiple pages using Microsoft Power Apps

I was shocked the first time I want to create a multipage application with Microsoft Power Apps. It seemed very complicated to me. But if you know how you have to handle this tool you will get really comfortable with… Continue Reading →

Create a Side-to-Side VPN with AZURE and Sophos

In this short article, I want you to show how easy it is to create a VPN between your private network and an AZURE Cloud network. Table of Content Azure Sophos The Short Way Azure First of all, we have… Continue Reading →

Creating an SQL-Database with user GUI the fastest way on AZURE

Working in IT you might know the following sentences, could you please create a “small” Database for me? Oh and please I don’t like those SQL queries so can I have it with a GUI, please? Many bad IT days… Continue Reading →

Alert yourself, if your System is running out of space

You all know how it feels to run out of space 😉 Well it is not very fun and also not very zen…But installing a heavily oversized monitoring solution for every little test server is also not the zen way…. Continue Reading →

How to receive Veeam errors over Telegram

Often when you have installed and configured a system you take a step back and look at the work you did. Everything runs well and looks great. But how do you know if something fails on your newly installed Veeam… Continue Reading →

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