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Local Administrator Password Solution – LAPS the basics

LAPS allows you to rotate passwords of your local administrator accounts. It gives you the possibility to view and set admin passwords from commandline or by using the fat client on a management computer. This reduces the risk of one… Continue Reading →

Managing Temporary Group Memberships using the new GroupMemberTTL PowerShell Module

As you may know the Microsoft approach on Privileged Access Management Feature (PAM) is quite a big feature. Planning and implementing this solution takes a lot of time. Also, many of us just want to enjoy one small part of… Continue Reading →

Use Portainer CE to manage your Docker containers on Synology NAS.

Synology has added the possibility to add Docker containers a couple of years ago. The delivered GUI on Synology is pretty good. But in order to manage images or clean up your old stuff like images, volumes and so on…. Continue Reading →

Integrate a CO2 Sensor to Homeassistant using NodeMCU-32S (v 1.2) + MH-Z19B and ESPHome

This is a bit of a niche post, but it might help someone to accomplish this in less time than I did. The tutorial will be as easy as it gets. Since the guys from ESPHome did a great job… Continue Reading →

VMware CVE-2020-4004 workaround using PowerCLI

This post is about a recent vulnerability published by VMware, allowing hackers to run code on the virtual machines host system. The following PowerCLI functions will help you to set up the workaround faster. Official statement of VMware. Description by… Continue Reading →

Setting up Active Directory on Windows Server 2019 Core and join DCs and Members to the Domain

The Windows Server 2019 Core installation of a domain controller will be something you might need in the future. This is the bare minimum you need to install a Domain Controller and a new domain. I tried to make it… Continue Reading →

Setting up a Raspberry 3+ to automatically display a website at startup.

I will use a Raspberry Pi 3+ with a touch screen to display the most important data of my Home Assistant installation. This guide will work for most other sites as well. The following hardware is used: Raspberry Pi 3+… Continue Reading →

SCCM Installation Error 0xC1900204 Windows 10 1909

Sometimes the error 0xc1900204 can occur in the update if english is not set as default display language. To fix this problem, you have to make sure that your registry is configured correctly. To check your settings, follow the steps… Continue Reading →

Fairphone and /e/ OS of the e Foundation

This post is mainly to support /e/ OS and Fairphone. Why am I using /e/ OS? Because it is the first OS that convenient and respects your privacy. No other OS I tried accomplished that so far. What about the… Continue Reading →

How to create a simple flow with Mircosoft-Automate

I want to show you how easy it is to create a small workflow with Microsoft Power Apps, this can be very practical for several reasons. We want to create a form where the user can choose when he wants… Continue Reading →

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